We bring birthday parties and special events to life by providing fun-filled musical games and activities!  

Parties are customized for each person, and prices include:

MusicTime: $40.00 (up to 12 kids, $4/kid extra
30-minute musical program with songs and movement, kids get to play with a variety of instruments.

Latex balloons: $1/balloon

Treats: $1/treat 
End the program with an ice cream sandwich or snack appropriate for each child.

Tin Whistle: $10/whistle 
A special party favor would be the child's very own tin whistle at the end of the party! 

Balloon animals and/or hats: $1/balloon
Bring a smile to everyone's face with their own personal balloon animal or hat!  Note that some hats and larger animals require 2 or 3 balloons.  

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